At Empower Recruitment, we inspire our candidates to build their skill set in choice areas by guiding them in obtaining relevant training and qualifications necessary for their career progression and aspirations. Our approach is a combination of collaboration, support, empowerment and dedication.

Talent hunt

Through our broad network and experience, we are able to approach potential candidates, build and develop lasting relationships with them, while actively supporting them to fully explore their skills and achieve their long-term career aspirations. In certain cases, these individuals are either not actively looking for opportunities or are not aware of available opportunities, but we bridge the gap by targeting and linking them to exciting great openings.

Talent Retention

In order to always deliver efficient services and great experience to our candidates, we always take steps to foster talent retention. We proactively and regularly source for highly talented and skilled candidates, offer them excellent and competitive pay rates, support their career progression and give them access to highly desirable roles in their industries.

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