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Empower Recruitment excels at providing unique services to businesses of various sizes. We offer bespoke services that cater to individual business needs and are designed to improve efficiency and promote optimal business growth.

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Our business support services offer a great opportunity for businesses to access our expert business consultancy service, or to utilise our outsourcing services. Our suite of business support services allow businesses to finetune their service offering, focus on the delivery of their core business services, and save on overhead costs.

Business Consultancy
Our bespoke business consultancy service works with business clients to assess and evaluate their business to ensure viability. We work with business owners to ensure that their businesses are set up in the right way, and set up for success.

Outsourcing Services
We provide businesses with the opportunity to outsource essential but non-core business tasks. These could include tasks outside the businesses’ core expertise, time-consuming tasks that would require additional resources, and low priority tasks. Some of the outsourcing services we offer include:
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Our innovative IT solutions empower businesses to integrate digital solutions into their business activities, thus enabling them to better serve their customers.
We provide essential IT solutions including website designing, mobile app development, software development, software integration, software testing and cloud migration services.

Job search and recruitment

Search For The Right Jobs Spread Across Over 20 Sectors

Our first class recruitment support services takes the stress of sourcing and recruiting suitably qualified candidates away from businesses so that businesses can focus on delivering their core services.
We maintain a database of carefully vetted and highly skilled candidates with qualifications across different roles and sectors, from which we help businesses meet their temporary staffing needs.
We also apply a proactive approach in our recruitment activities by actively sourcing talents and where applicable, providing the necessary support and guidance required by the candidate to upskill.
Our approach to recruitment ensures that only the best candidates are recruited to fill available roles within businesses.

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