We’ve been placing professionals into roles, so we know a thing or two about what it takes to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your career. Drawing on the knowledge of our expert consultants, you will find career advice to help you throughout your job searching process. Everything from CV writing to accepting a job offer.

Degrees Never Expire

We do have a lot of interest from candidates for our vacancies, but we are often asked if there is an expiry date on a degree. More and more clients are asking for educated professionals that can come into a senior position within their organisation and therefore your degree and willingness to learn still matters. Some of the information you learnt ten years ago may have developed, but the thought process will still be the same.

Do I need a Professional Qualification?

Gaining job related qualifications are not only good for your CV but it helps to keep you up to date with new trends and keeps you refreshed!! Although we are pretty sure that you are confident with your current skill set it is always advantageous to add another string to your bow.

Career Opportunites

Your organisation may need you to hold certain qualifications before you can progress. This could mean the more qualifications you hold the further opportunities you have to progress. Opening these opportunities gives you a better chance of securing the role that gives you work life balance.

If you are currently employed, your organisation may offer financial assistance or  the time for you to embark on qualifications.

Showing your employer that you are eager to learn new skills and gain a qualification also highlights your commitment to the sector and shows that you have a natural hunger for progression. This commitment can lead to your employer opening further avenues for you and potential for a better salary package.


What you know can often lead to who you know!

Attending professional coursers allows you to meet other individuals in your industry as well as industry leaders. The people you find on professional career courses may have skills and links from other sectors which again broadens your connections once you engage with them.

Self – Fulfilment

Knowledge is power, more money is great but above that, the feeling of accomplishment must trump them all. Getting a qualification will keep you motivated in your career and life.


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